Building the future!

Hesty Kiwi is endeavoring to create a better Nepal through commercial kiwifruit production by providing more employment opportunities aiding to sustainable development and reducing brain drain. Established in 2007 as Environment Protection and Alternative Power Development PL (shortened as EPAPD), we have over sixty-thousand farmers in the eastern region of Nepal cultivating kiwifruit with us.

EPAPD got its name changed to Hesty Kiwi in 2016 to relate more to the products we bring to you (and also to shorten the name, as EPAPD was mouthful). Hesty is a portmanteau of two words; healthy and tasty. Our kiwifruits and other products are good for your health and luscious for the tongue.

Hesty Kiwifruit

Hesty Kiwi is amongst the pioneers of commercial kiwifruit cultivators in Nepal. We have grown kiwifruits since our establishment in 2007. Our kiwifruits are completely organic. We not only produce, but also collect the kiwifruits from the farmers who have been cultivating kiwifruits on their own. Our kiwifruits are sold over various major cities in Nepal. We also export kiwifruit to nearby countries upon demand.

Promoting intercropping

As kiwifruit can nurture with various other crops growing in the same land, we promote intercropping and are practicing it ourselves. We want the farmers to make maximum yields from their farms. We are cultivating various crops which include tea, cardamom, unishiu oranges and other different crops in the kiwifruit farm.

Kiwi and Tea