About Us

The Origins


Despite Nepal being a country with large number of people depending upon agriculture for their livelihood, the agricultural sector within the country had not observed progress. Seeing this as an issue, we set out in a quest to reform the sector by introducing modern agriculture techniques as well as encouraging cultivation of high value cash crops like kiwi fruits to improvise the economic standard of people involved in agriculture industry.

Established in 2007

We commenced our business as Environment Protection and Alternative Power Development Private Limited in 2007.

Rebranded in 2016

To better reflect our focus, we rebranded to Hesty Kiwi PL in 2016. Hesty is a portmanteau of words healthy and tasty.

What We Do

Our Values

To modernize agricultural sector of Nepal and improve the living standard of the people involved in the industry
To commercialize the production of high value cash crops utilizing modern agricultural tools and techniques with primary focus on kiwi fruit production, processing and distribution
The Way Forward

Spearheading the Change


Alongside introducing kiwi fruits to the Nepalese markets, we have also influenced thousands of people to cultivate other forms of high value cash crops within the country and encouraging to alleviate the prevalent brain drain issue. We provide saplings as well as trainings to assist them in the process.

20 Districts Covered

We have managed to assist people from 20 districts within Nepal.

12k People Affiliated

Over 12,000 people have been directly or indirectly linked to Hesty Kiwi.

3.5k People Trained

Our trainings and educational programs have helped over 3,500 people.

Meet the People Involved

The Hesty Team

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Parbati Khatiwada



Taramani Khatiwada

Managing Director